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Cherry Blossom


I'm Angela Libman, a watercolor and calligraphy artist with 30+ years of experience.  I've always thought that calligraphy gives anything a touch of elegance and lets the viewer know that it was prepared with care and a special touch of whimsy.   My original artwork is painted with watercolor.   I think painting with watercolor adds a living, somewhat unpredictable element to painting that I find almost spiritual.  Natural textures and layers of translucent color create a depth that is the perfect expression of beauty as I see it.  

About Me

A little background...I've spent the last 30+ years working with numbers and solving financial puzzles.  I worked with my husband in our CPA firm either full or part time depending upon our children's ages and need for supervision. :)  Our children are all grown, so I'm doing what I always wanted to do when I grew up.  The growing up part is debatable.  What fun is that? 

I like the color purple.  I forget where my phone is at least ten times a day.  I love to laugh and make other people laugh.  Spending time with my family, friends, pets, and creating things are my favorite past times.  I like living in New England, where we have four seasons to play with.  Spring and fall are my favorites.  I don't like hot weather, it makes me mean and in danger of melting.  I'm deeply spiritual.  G-d plays a large role in my life.  My husband and family are my life, my loves and my inspiration.  

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