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Tomatoes at the Market

Tomatoes at the Market

I think tomatoes are my favorite.  Tomatoes from a farmers' market are the best.  I see these pretty, brightly colored little orbs all lined up and my mouth just waters.  Once you taste fresh vegetables from a farmers' market, you just can't go back to the grocery store.  Am I right?


8" x 10" water color on cold press 100% cotton paper.  

  • Care of Watercolor Paintings

    Watercolor portraits should be matted and framed to protect the fragile nature of watercolor.   The professional watercolors used have different light fast qualities however, all watercolor paintings should be displayed away from direct sunlight, as they will eventually fade if not carefully protected.   

  • Unframed

    Original artwork comes unframed to allow it's new owner to decide what fits best in their home.

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